At Serious Delights, we feature local farm fresh eggs, organic whole wheat flour, organic fair trade cocoa, and organic unrefined cane sugar whenever possible.

But it takes more than great ingredients to make great desserts. Our passionate commitment to perfection is the secret ingredient that puts our desserts above the rest.


All of these desserts are usually available for sale on a daily basis in our retail dessert case. If you need a large quantity or it is critical that a particular item is available, you need to call us at 970-403-1517 a few days ahead of time to see if we can help.

  • Baby Cherry Pies                                                $6
  • Buttermilk Chocolate Cake Slice                   $5
  • Carrot Cake Slice                                                $5
  • Lemon Bars  (available Feb-Oct)                      $4
  • Chocolate Mousse                                              $7
  • Tiramisu                                                                $7
  • Key Lime Pies, individual                               $6
  • Baby Raspberry Cheesecake                          $5.50
  • Take and Bake Chocolate Chip Cookie      $6
  • Take and Bake Brownie                                   $9
  • Key Lime Pies, 8″                                               $18
  • Chocolate Decadence (6″ round)                 $18
  • French Macaron, 8 to a box                               $13 available on Fridays only  
  •                 Chocolate Eclairs, 2 to a box                            $6