Durango Farmers MarketRide That Tractor

It’s like a second location for us! Enjoy a different treat every Saturday morning, and you still won’t be able to try them all before the growing season is over! We are proud to be partners with the local growers here, and put thousands of dollars back into local agriculture every year.

Mountain Mama Milling

We were so happy when Kris Gosar approached us with his premium stone-ground whole wheat flour that is grown and milled right in Monte Vista, Colorado. He and his dad regularly deliver the flour to us — Kris is the fifth generation in a talented and dedicated farming and ranching family. Their flour is unbelievably amazing!

Durango Pregnancy Center 5k

One of our larger donations each year goes to this fun family event which benefits the Durango Pregnancy Center! Run fast so you can get to the croissants first…

The Container at Ska Brewing CompanyCraft Beer World Famous

Ska Brewing Company is our role model, our dreamy school-crush, everything we wish we could be! So when they opened a restaurant and approached us about baking bread for them, we nearly swooned.

Harvest Grill and GreensHarvest Grill & Greens at James Ranch

Cynthia James makes award-winning burgers from the grass-fed beef and produce raised right on site at this innovative and delicious farm stand. An excellent pit stop on your way up (or down) from Durango Mountain Resort. This year we had to upgrade our equipment to help produce the nearly 6,000 buns Cynthia uses every month!

Local HoneyHoneyville Honey

They keep us in honey, over 100 pounds a month! We love using local honey, because the quality is so much higher than standarad commericial honey. We think it makes a difference you can really taste.

Rohwer’s FarmThe Chicken House

We have been searching for a source of local eggs since 2004 when we opened, but had never found a farmer based locally that had the required permits and had enough chickens to meet our needs. At the start of the 2012 Farmer’s Market, we made the usual announcement that we were looking for a vendor to provide eggs, and Judy Rohwer approached us with a proposal: if we would pledge to buy the eggs, she would buy the chicks, raise them, and start selling the eggs when they were ready. We happily agreed!

The new eggs have provided an unexpected surprise, too. In the past our eggs came in single-use fiberboard egg cartons that are not reusable under FDA guidelines. Consequently the bakery had to dispose of 400 pounds of them, every year. Judy Rohwer packages her eggs for us in reusable plastic flats that can be cleaned and sterilized each week. The result? Zero waste.