We believe in bringing out the true potential of the organic and local grains that go into our breads. Every loaf goes through a carefully controlled, extended fermentation process — the key to a good loaf of bread! The more time it takes, the better the bread. Fermentation ensures optimal nutrition and maximum flavor in every one of our freshly baked loaves.

We do NOT use artificial preservatives or additives, so most of our breads are best consumed within 48 hours of purchase. We cannot make changes to our daily production schedule, but we can always reserve a loaf of your favorite, just give us a call. 48- hour notice is required for all breads. Please note, our daily offerings do not come out of the oven until after 9 AM. Other breads are out after noon — we think it is worth the wait!

All bread loaves are $6 unless noted.

Daily offerings

  • Baguette                                                      $4
  • Ciabatta Roll, individual or Bag of 6   $1/$6
  • Demi Baguette, Seeded                          $3
  • Pugliese                                                  
  • Mini Croissant, Bag of 4                     


  • Sourdough, Pan or Hearth                              
  • Multi Grain Sourdough    


  • Honey Whole Wheat, Pan (after 3pm)
  • Sourdough Bagels                             
  • Burger and Hotdog Buns- Memorial Day- Labor Day Only


  • Sourdough, Pan or Hearth                                                             


  • 4 Corners Seed, Pan (after 3pm)                                          
  • Whole Wheat Sourdough Hearth
  • Sourdough Bagels                             


  • Sourdough, Pan or Hearth                             
  • Multi Grain Sourdough                                              
  • Braided Challah, plain or seeded    $7                                
  • Burger and Hotdog Buns- Memorial Day- Labor Day Only


  • Rosemary Olive Oil, Hearth  


  • Sourdough Bagels    

Daily in our freezer

  • *Burger Buns, bag of 6
  • Slider Buns, bag of 12
  • *Hotdog Buns, bag of 8                                    
    • *Note: From Memorial Day to Labor Day, burger and hot dog buns will be available freshly baked on Tuesday and Friday, or in our freezer daily. From Labor Day to Memorial Day, burger and hot dog buns are available in our freezer daily.
  • Par Baked Pizza Crust                  $4
  • Pizza Dough                                      $4
  • Honey Whole Wheat, Pre-sliced Pan           
  • 4 Corners Seed, Pre-sliced Pan    
  • Cloud Flat Bread, gluten and grain free